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We've said it before and will say it again, "we don't like words like 'rules' and 'terms'" but at the end of the day this is a business relationship and it is important that we are singing out of the same song book so let's level the playing field with a bunch of important information.

It is important to note that custom furniture is not easy and does not always follow the same pattern or work flow.  Disagreements and differences of view point and of opinion can and do exist.  We, as the manufacturer, are limited in our ability to perform to the information shared or conveyed by the designer.  Any time there is a question we will revert to best industry practices unless specifically detailed by the designer. 

The following "terms and conditions" apply to all orders:

Estimate / Quote Details

Upon receipt of your written Purchase Order or Request for Quote we will prepare a written Estimate (sometimes referred to as a Quote) containing all the details about the piece of furniture that we will build for you. This Estimate includes information such as the dimensions, the type of frame, and all other specialty details. Once you approve the order, this same document is sent to the shop floor as a Work Order and is the sole source of information from which your furniture is constructed. Any errors or omissions on your Estimate will result in errors or omissions in your final piece of furniture.

This document supercedes all other communication including conversations, diagrams, photos, emails and discussions. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the details on this document are correct. While we may, occasionally, from time to time, offer input or comments on certain design elements, dimensions, etc. we hold no responsibility should the finished product not meet the needs of the customer as long as we met the specifications on the Estimate / Quote.

It is important to note that we can not duplicate furniture that we have not designed. We always do our best to get as close as possible to the inspiration photos and drawings however variations will occur. Be sure to specify any design details or elements that are essential to the final product. In the absence of any detail, our team will make the best decision possible which may or may not match the design you have in your mind - so be sure to specify as much as possible!

Line Drawings and Renderings as shown on this website or provided on an Estimate or other communication are artist renderings.  The final, actual, physical item may vary from the drawings provided.  If there are any design elements that are of particular need or interest, please let us know at order inception so that we can focus on ensuring those details are given the proper respect during the building process. 


A 50% deposit must be received with the purchase order and the balance due must be paid in full prior to pick up. We accept bank wire, debit cards, cash and checks. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express may be used however a 3% processing fee will apply.
Certificate of Resale

We must have a certificate of resale on file. Please send a copy of your Certificate of Resale to:

Ted Scott Designs, LLC
677 Southwest St.
High Point, NC 27262-6434


Fax: 336-885-7371
Email: sales@tedscottdesigns.com


Sales tax will be charged on all orders without proper certification of resale on file.

Fabric Guarantee / fabric placement

Manufacturers of upholstery fabrics do not guarantee their product for wearability, stretch, or color fastness. Therefore, we are unable to assume this responsibility or make any adjustments regarding fabrics. Please be sure to read all information on the COM / Fabric page of this website for specific terms and conditions concerning fabric.


Velvets are beautiful fabrics and lend an air of appeal not found in any other cloth.  However while velvets hold great allure they also hold great difficulty.  A few things to note when using velvet - first, it is going to bruise and mark.  There is no way around it.  Whether during construction, shipping, installation or use, all velvets will take on a "crushed" or bruised appearance.  This can not be avoided and we can not warranty against it.  Next - velvets do not lay well on things like skirts.  Any velvet skirt will have wrinkles that will remain no matter what.  The same holds true for cushions - all velvets will have wrinkles which will be evident and persistent in cushions.  Lastly, adding decorative elements such as tape trims to velvet will not yield a smooth, finished look.  Velvets do not lay flat while sewing which is required when adding a decorative trim, the fabric will gather and wrinkles during the process.  


So while you will surely enjoy the beauty that velvets brings to your design, please be aware of the pitfalls as well.  



In all instances TSD attempts to pattern match the best of our ability, based on the amount of fabric provided.  Our primary focus is ensuring the front of the piece "flows" with the pattern from top of cushion down to the floor and from top of outside back to floor.  Ends of cushions and skirts may not match on sides based on the pattern design.  Any order received without specific direction on fabric placement will be processed to the best of our ability and to industry standards.  We are not to be held liable if pattern is not perfectly matched on all surfaces of the item.



It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that specified dimensions are correct and appropriate for the scale, comfort and use of the desired product. Finished dimensions are +/- 3/4" so please plan accordingly. It is highly recommended that industry standards be used as a reference when ordering any custom piece of furniture.


Timelines vary based on a number of factors.  Designs from our catalog, un-changed, will move faster than those items that are customized or are fully custom.  We will gladly provide an estimated time to complete your project however we can not guarantee those dates.  Many things affect timelines including labor, weather, business volume and other factors - most of which we can not predict.  All timelines represent the time to build the product and do not include shipping which may face their own range of challenges that can delay delivery.  

Our goal is to have all catalog orders ready to ship within about 12 weeks of receipt of Order, Deposit and COM/Fabric. However it is important to note that building custom furniture is an iterative process that can, quite often, result in extended development time. Ted Scott Designs holds no responsibility for additional shipping costs, penalties, fines or fees charged due to late installation or any other costs associated with delays in the manufacturing process. Also please note we are closed for one week in early July and for one week during the Christmas holiday season. These weeks are not included in the 6 - 8 week estimated time to ship.


At the end of the day the best plan is to plan ahead and give your project extra lead time.  If you have a hard and fast date that must be met, please let us know at the inception of the order and we will let you know whether we can accommodate the timeline.  Even in this situation, we can not guarantee a timeline.

Production does not begin until we have received all of the following items:

  • Approved Estimate
  • All COM Fabrics, Trims
  • Finish Selections
  • Deposit
We are unable to accept any changes, modifications, holds, or cancellations after the frames have been built and/or the fabric has been cut.
Repairs and Returns

While we do our best to ensure your items are not only manufactured correctly but that they arrive at their destination safely as well. Unfortunately bad things sometimes happen to good people.  For that reason we have to have a few terms and conditions concerning damages and quality 

First, any damages or concerns with construction must be reported within 30 days of receipt of items. 
Next, any damage caused during the shipping process must be directed towards the carrier responsible for transporting and delivering your order.  As a technical reminder all sales are FOB Plant meaning you take ownership on our dock and the item belongs to you during transport.  We gladly help arrange shipping services however this work is on your behalf. 
Lastly while we stand behind our furniture we can only guarantee the construction of the item which does not include wear and tear.  We stand behind our frames for 12 months from date of completion.  
No merchandise may be returned without written authorization of Ted Scott Designs. Any merchandise returned without authorization will be refused at the expense of the shipper. Local repair charges must be approved in advance and in writing or they will not be accepted.

Delivery Charges

All orders are freight on board (FOB) at Ted Scott's loading dock in High Point, North Carolina - in other words it is the customer's responsibility to arrange for and pay for all packing and shipping services. We are happy to connect you to one of our preferred white glove delivery vendors to coordinate your delivery locally, statewide, or nationally however we do not endorse, warranty, promise nor guarantee the work, pricing, schedules or effectiveness of any carrier. From time to time we may assist in organization shipping and delivery activities however a small fee will be charged for this work.  In some instances we may collect payment on behalf of the shipper however in no way does this indicate our acceptance of responsibility nor transfer of the relationship that exists between the customer (you) and the shipper.

 All furniture must be picked up from our factory within two weeks of completion. Storage fees will be assessed for any items left more than two weeks after completion.

 Please be sure to read our Shipping & Delivery information for more details here


Shipping & Mailing Address for COM / Orders / Payments
Ted Scott Designs, LLC
677 Southwest St.
High Point, NC 27262-6434


Phone: 336.885.7370


All parties agree that any complaints or disputes will be handled privately between the parties.  No disparaging, negative or misleading comments will be made public including on social media.  Any comments made publicly that disparage or discredit either party will negatively affect any dispute resolution or remedies that would normally be offered and may lead to legal action.