ted scott designs

We are a custom upholstery firm operating exclusively in the service of interior designers.  Designers spend a lifetime learning their art and building their business, just as our own crafts persons have done. We are so committed to your success, we’ve aligned our own business with it.

We only sell to the trade, unbranded and unlabeled furniture because we know that the interior designer is the “named partner” in this relationship.  

You won’t find our products sold on the internet or through trade showrooms. That’s our promise to you: we’re your partner, not your competitor.


only to designers, Your brand, your business

Take a look around our website and you'll find more than 40 years of time tested, traditional and transitional designs. But don't stop there!

As a professional designer we welcome you to customize any item in our catalog. Go ahead -change an arm, add a skirt, create your own dimensions. 

Still don't see what you want? Send us a photo, a drawing or a sketch, and allow us to create a single piece of custom furniture to fulfill your needs.  That's why we have   no minimums, no annual spend requirements and no middle men.  So we can tailor each piece to best serve your design inspiration.

We take customization to a whole new level.




a little.  


a lot.


At Ted Scott Designs, we’re proud to say we’re “American Made.” Everything that we make is sourced domestically, and almost exclusively in the South. Since 1974 we have proudly carried on North Carolina’s tradition of crafting fine furniture by the hands of people who carry forward what would otherwise be a dying art.

Ranging in age from 22 to 82, Ted Scott craftspeople are dedicated to furniture making and respected for their trade. At Barnes, we don’t just love what we do. We love that we’re one of the few who do it who still do it the “right way”:  hardwood frames, hand-cut, hand-matched patterns, and house made spring down cushions. Designers work directly with the workroom, streamlining communication and lead times. We have no minimums, no “buy-in” and no middlemen, one price directly to the designer.

Together we’ll keep the art of hand crafting fine furniture alive.