Our furniture

The first thing you need to know is that Ted Scott Designs is a true custom shop, we are a "bespoke" builder.  We build furniture to each customer's exacting requirements and design and we can scale the quality of our production as well.  Following are the happy little details behind our 'standard' construction (our 'standard' is equal to other manufacturer's 'premium', fyi!)  We can change most of these elements if your design and your needs so require.

From Start to Finish

How ted scott designs Makes Furniture

Frame Construction

Kiln dried 5/4” NC hardwood lumber is used in the manufacture of our superior frames. Frames, with all joints double doweled and corner blocks glued and screwed in place, are bench made in our own frame shop to our customer’s specifications.


Our standard seat is sprung with sinuous springs. Tight backs are sinuous springs and loose backs are proper.  

On many pieces of our furniture we offer 8 way, hand-tied springs for an uncharge.  With 8 way hand-tied springs, propex webbing is applied to the base of the frame with steel banding attached front to back under each row of springs to prevent sagging. The springs are attached to the webbing with clinch fasteners and are tied to the frame at 8 different points around the circumference of the spring to keep them securely in place. Springs of various heights and gauges are used for optimum seating comfort.

Cushions, Back and Throw Pillows

We manufacture all cushions, back and throw pillows used in our furniture. Sine we manufacture one of a kind custom furniture, it is critical that the cushions, back pillows, etc. fit properly and are ready when the inside and outside upholstery is completed. By making our own cushions and pillows not only do we ensure quality but we also ensure timely deliveries.

Standard seat cushions are spring down-blend - the most comfortable cushion available. We start by building a "box" out of high grade polyurethane foam. We then fill that box with individually wrapped, coiled springs that look like the springs you see on the mattress commercials. Finally we create a down-blend "ticking bag" into which we "stuff" the spring filled foam box yielding multiple layers of comfort and support.

Our back "pillows" (in the upholstery world all seats have cushions and backs have pillows...) are created with a channeled ticking bag blown full of our down blend for a super comfy pillow.

Poly dacron wrapped, poly fiber cushions, all down cushions and pillows are also available.

Finishing and Finishes

Standard finishes include Rich Tobacco (a rich, warm, dark brown), Dark Knight (a dark grey with light grey relief), Nutmeg (a warm, light brown), Espresso and White.

Custom finishes and crackles are available. Send your finish chip to us and we will custom match it. Additional charges apply for custom finishes and crackles based on the complexity of the finish.

Skirt Height

Unless you specify otherwise, our skirts will finish ½” off the floor. Standard skirts are approximately 7-8” high. We do offer Waterfall or Dressmaker Skirts however a significant uncharge does apply (and they do consume about 10 - 15% more fabric overall.)

Decorative Trims

We gladly apply any decorative trims, fringe, tapes, contrast welts, etc.to all or just parts of your furniture. Various charges apply so be sure to let us know of your decorative extras and we will make sure you know what to expect before you commit to a price.


You spend a lot of time and money on selecting your fabric - after all, you will likely never see our beautifully hand-crafted frames but you will see your fabric every day. The good news is that we love your fabric almost as much as you do! We lay and cut out every piece of fabric by hand - doing our best to flow match your pattern and ensure the best presentation of the weave, grain, texture and pattern.

Fabric is a world onto itself so be sure to read our COM policies before you order your fabric - there is a lot to consider!

If you are planning to use a challenging or unique fabric, send us a memo sample before you order and allow us to "read" the fabric. Certain fabrics require special handling and processing and may incur a bit of an uncharge on our end, so let's take a look before you commit your hard earned dollars to a piece of cloth!