There is no better way to ensure that you have the perfect piece of furniture for your client than to custom design a piece that is specific to their size, use and needs. However, designing and ordering custom / bespoke is not for the faint of heart - it requires a lot of details, planning and decisions - every one as important as the next. But fear not! We are here to help you all along the way!

First - please take the time to read the information on the various tabs within this section.  Please pay special attention to the information on dimensions / measurements as well as information about fabrics / COM.  Lastly, be sure to read our general Terms and Conditions that apply to all orders regardless of whether you are ordering a time honored piece from our catalog or designing a brand new bespoke piece for your client.


ordering custom furniture

be inspired!

Your first decision is whether to order a style from our catalog or create a new, custom piece of furniture.  Keep in mind, you can customize items in our catalog so you may find that the easiest path to success.  

If you determine the best path forward is a custom design, start by answering the simple question - what do you want your furniture to LOOK like?  What style do you want?  What unique features do you want it to have?  The best way (in our humble opinion) is to start by looking at other designs. Feel free to create a Pinterest board, clip together a bunch of photos, tear out a bunch of magazine photos - whatever it takes to create a visual representation of the look you are designing. 

We also encourage you to visit our Instagram and Facebook pages as we post photos of many of the custom items we have built over the years.

size matters

The number one reason designers order from us is because they need a specific sized item and we are glad to oblige! Whether you are being inspired by another design or creating a piece from scratch, size is really, REALLY important. But remember - it's not just the height, width and depth that create a piece of furniture. We will also need to know many other dimensions such as seat height, arm height, arm width - the list goes on! You may find our worksheet on HowtoMeasureFurniture useful in collecting all the measurements you will need.

Another document you may find helpful is our Custom Furniture Order Worksheet.    This form includes most of the questions we will need to know before we can build your custom item so best to get a jump start and collect all the details before submitting for a quote.

Other details to consider are: 

  • Quantity of cushions and back pillows
  • Type / style of cushions and back pillows
  • Leg style / size or skirt style / height
  • Finish / Stain Color
  • Welt - where you want welt applied and whether it will be self welt or contrast fabric
  • Button tufting
  • Nail head trim
  • Arm Style (e.g. track, rolled, English) and whether arm finishes flush with front rail or if it is recessed (which would require a T cushion)
  • Will you want the outside back to be pitched? If the item needs to be placed flat against a wall or if space is at a premium you may choose a vertical back with no pitch
  • If the outside back is not pitched, do you want the inside back pitched or do you plan to create comfort with the use of pillows?
  • Are there any impediments in shipping or delivering the furniture? Are the doorways wide enough? Are there any tight turns inside the home or office or are there any stair wells or other items that will hinder the movement of the furniture? The worst time to determine that a piece of furniture is too big to make it into the house is when it is actually being delivered into the house!


Time to place your order!

Once you have all of your measurements decided, you have your inspiration photos, drawings and/or sketches put together, it's time to start the ordering process.  If you haven't already done so, please use our online form to set up an account so that we have all your information.

  1. All orders must be in writing. Please email your order to along with any inspiration photos, drawings, etc.
  2. Please include a copy of your re-sale certificate along with information on your business including business name and address, web site, contact information and any organization affiliations such as ASID (anything that helps us identify you as a design or home furnishings professional.) (If you used the online set up form you can skip this step)
  3. Include all supporting documentation including measurements, inspiration photos, etc.​
  4. We will write up your order and will send a quote/estimate to your email address. **IMPORTANT NOTE: The Quote/Estimate that we send also serves as the Work Order for our craftsmen - we can only build that which is written.  We do everything in our power to get the order right however it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all details have been captured correctly.  This document supersedes all other communications including conversations, photos, drawings, emails, text messages, etc.**
  5. Once you have reviewed the Estimate / Quote - please reply to the email with all needed changes, corrections, etc. Be prepared - this is a very interactive process - we will continue to update the Estimate / Quote, emailing a revised copy each time until you are 100% satisfied that the Estimate / Quote is accurate.  Once all details are correctly identified on the Estimate, please approve the quote either by signing the quote and returning it to us via email or by replying to the email including a comment, "This estimate is approved as written."
  6. Send us your COM/Fabric along with any decorative trims or embellishments. We also ask that you fill out our COM Form to help alleviate any mistakes.  Be sure to review the appropriate information concerning fabric including the information we need concerning your fabric:  READ ME
  7. Send a 50% deposit (checks preferred, Credit Cards accepted with a small service fee
  8. Sit back, relax and begin dreaming of your new furniture
this isn't fast food!

Creating a new piece of furniture takes a lot of work and a lot of skill...and, most importantly, it can take a lot of time.  It is important to remember that the first time we build your design will be the first time we have ever built that design.  In other words, we do not have a pattern on the shelf that we can use to cut and build your frame, make your cushions, cut your fabric, etc.  Therefore we have to do each step individually - one step at a time.  Think, design, build..think, design, build... the process continues as your furniture makes its way through each part of the construction process:

  • Frame
  • Finish
  • Spring Up
  • Cover fabric cutting
  • Cover fabric sewing
  • Padding
  • Inside upholstery
  • Cushion patterns made
  • Cushion units constructed
  • Cushion covers cut and sewn then finally married with their cushion units and placed in the frame
  • Outside upholstery
  • Clean up and make ready
how long is the road?

Currently our lead times are 12 weeks on catalog designs and start at 20 weeks for custom orders - depending on the order.  Please check with us for an update on lead times as they are subject to change.  Additionally....

  • Your order is not sent to the floor (i.e. the clock doesn't start ticking) until we have received your signed order, all fabrics and trims and we have received your deposit.  If your fabric takes six months to get to us - you still have 6 - 8 weeks to wait after that fabric arrives.
  • Because this is a creative, iterative process there can be hoop jumps along the way that we have to overcome - and those hoop jumps can throw a wrench into our timetable.
  • Because of these challenges we can not guaranty a ready date or development timeline.  We urge all customers to plan additional time for all installations as we can not be held liable for any additional charges relating to late fees, penalties, additional shipping costs, etc. associated with the time required to produce your bespoke furniture.
Yay it's ready! Now what?

When your furniture is rounding the corner towards the finish line we'll drop you a line and let you know. Keep in mind that all furniture is FOB Plant / High Point meaning that you take ownership and delivery of your custom item on our dock and it is your responsibility to get it from our plant to it's ultimate destination.

We are happy to connect you to one of our preferred white glove delivery vendors to coordinate your delivery locally, statewide, or nationally however we do not endorse, warranty, promise nor guarantee the work, pricing, schedules or effectiveness of any carrier. From time to time we may assist in organizing the shipping and delivery activities however a small fee will be charged for this work. If your items needs to be wrapped, packaged or trayed for shipment - please let us know in advance so that we may provide a quote for those services.

And remember - shipping time is not included in the timeline so adjust your "need by" date accordingly!

Let's get started!

You have to admit - that wasn't so bad! The first step is the easiest one - give us a call or drop us an email. We will gladly help you every step of the way!